Today’s most successful businesses deliver great and compelling customer experiences in both the physical and digital worlds. Target has long enabled you to shop online, but they now offer a delightful blend of the physical and digital worlds for customers who want to pick up their orders on the same day. After you place your order online, Target sends you a message when your order is ready. You drive to the store. When you arrive at the store, they are waiting with your order, which they bring immediately to your car. While many retail businesses are struggling, Target is thriving.

Uniform had a team participating in the MACH Alliance MACHathon 2021, where we had 5 days to deliver a project, focused on getting unstuck.

As COVID-19 forced every business to rethink their business model, as customers and consumers were forced to work from home and practice social distancing, businesses became digital-first overnight.

Businesses with complex and expensive monolithic architectures are held back from quickly adapting to the rapid shifts in customer behaviour created by the pandemic. Such businesses have become digitally stuck — both now and in the future.

Our MACHathon project focuses on helping businesses break free and become…

We, at Uniform, have made it our mission to help the enterprise adopt the notion of fastest personalized sites, typically the complexities for the enterprises have been about making a choice to either:

  • Build a fast website without personalization.
  • Build a website with personalization, which made is slow, and personalization just added complexity to make it even slower.

The reason is that personalization is typically a part of the monolithic Digital Experience Platform suites, which makes it easier for marketers to control personalized experiences, but from a developer and architecture point of view, it relies on outdated technologies build on…

Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) are an essential part of how global brands and large organizations create personalized experiences for their customers. Jamstack is an increasingly important part of building and delivering experiences to customers.

Traditionally DXP and Jamstack come from two different worlds: DXP from the marketing world and Jamstack from the IT world. While building engaging sites requires cooperation between the marketing and IT worlds, the technology focuses on one or the other. We believe there’s another way, that DXP can be reimagined with Jamstack so that organizations can get the best of both worlds.

What is a Digital Experience Platform?

Digital Experience Platforms aim…

It’s hard enough for a brand with a high-traffic web site to ensure fast site performance during traffic spikes. It’s even harder when the site includes personalization. As the number of visitors increases, so do page load times, along with the likelihood that visitors will bounce.

Limitations of traditional DXP architectures

The impact on site performance is mainly due to the architecture used by most “enterprise-grade” Digital Experience Platforms (DXP). These systems often require the DXP to act as the site “origin”. In web architecture, the origin is the name given to the system responsible for delivering content to the visitor.

In order for the…

Challenges that brands have struggled with for years — including slow time-to-market, slow performance, weak security and limited scalability — can be addressed with a new generation of technologies described as JAMstack. Even if a large brand were willing to drop a decade’s worth of investments to re-platform, JAMstack does not offer a complete MarTech solution. Uniform fills the gaps and enables brands to embrace the JAMstack approach without having to compromise on the marketing features they depend on.

Once upon a time…

Beginning around 2010, content management system (CMS) vendors began to tell a story of a fascinating future…

Uniform — unify your Digital Experience Stack

Uniform helps you create, connect and maintain your digital experience stack.

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